Practice your faith
wherever you are.

Everyday Sanctuary's helps busy people have a satisfying faith practice
in just 5 minutes a day.

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Each day's Everyday Sanctuary practice includes


a simple phrase that invites
God's presence


space to pray where you need God to be at work in the day or week to come



1 to 4 verses for reflection from
the day's lectionary
space to remember your gratitudes
for the day 

Praise for Everyday Sanctuary

In five minutes Everyday Sanctuary helped center me spiritually, and prepared me for my day.
I recommend the app Everyday Sanctuary to any person, family, leadership team or small group that hopes to experience greater peace, wisdom and joy in their life!

David Masland | Director of New Faith Communities, Upper NY Conference, United Methodist Church

Praise for Everyday Sanctuary

Everyday Sanctuary is a great daily practice which moves me to grow in my faith. It is simple, easy, and clear, as it includes prayer, scripture, and inspiration.
For us busy people, this is a wonderful app!

Ideal Curtis | Lead Coach, Spiritual Leadership, Inc.

Praise for Everyday Sanctuary

Everyday Sanctuary is a really clever, simple app that will keep people's spiritual lives in front of them each day.

Ian DeHaas | Associate Pastor of Clarence United Methodist Church

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