10 Ways to Use 1 Crazy Year

  1. Use the #1CrazyYear and Tag @EverydaySanctuaryFaith to promote your event
  2. Lead the Practice in a LIVE online event
  3. Lead the Practice in a socially distanced Outdoor Event
  4. Host a BIG supervised outdoor Spray Paint or Sharpie Scribble Space inviting people to “Make Your Mark on 1 Crazy Year” (youth group approved)
  5. Plan a socially distanced Hike that ends in screaming from a mountaintop
  6. Make “You are not Alone” Card or Care Packages and deliver to those hit hardest in your community or church: healthcare workers, small business owners, teachers, young families, those who live alone, students, etc. Include coloring page colored by members of your church and a copy of the practice.
  7. Make an online playlist or host a virtual concert of Songs for the Soul
  8. Invite members to post their Coloring Page on social media using the hashtag #1CrazyYear and tag your church
  9. Create a video message or photo collage of people holding up their “You are not Alone” coloring page
  10. Host an All-Saints style Memorial Service
Invite people to download the Everyday Sanctuary mobile app, 1 Crazy Year will be available on the app March 13-16
Sign Up to receive free 1 CRAZY YEAR Toolkit at:




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