Earth Day Every Day | Guest Post

Earth Day in the US was founded in 1970 as a way to bring the issue of environmentalism to the national stage. The campaign has successfully brought greater attention to all our various environmental struggles but as we’ve seen, celebrating Earth Day each year on April 22 has not solved very many of them. Climate change continues to harm millions of humans and wildlife each year. As inhabitants of this plan and as followers of the One who created it and every living thing on it, we would do well to consider every day Earth day.

Sometimes I think we forget, we aren’t separate from nature, we are a part of God’s Creation. In fact, humanity is  what the psalmist referred to as the ‘crowning jewel’ of Creation, the final thing God made before resting. So if you’re planning to get out and enjoy nature today for Earth Day, and I hope you do, why not make it a regular part of your spiritual practice. No matter the weather or what’s going on in your schedule, take 1 minute to look around you and take 4 or 5 deep breaths outdoors each day. We need to connect with nature, to be reminded who we are and whose we are, our place in the universe, and why we’re here: to be caretakers of this gift.

As God’s beloved creatures, we are called to live and lead as good stewards of the Earth and all the resources God has provided for us here. I know how overwhelming it can feel to work on global concerns and I also know how empowering it is to have a community of people working on these issues together. Today you will likely see various suggestions on how to “be more green”. Doing these things as individuals is great but you can increase your impact by helping the communities you’re a part of be a little more green all year long. A few years ago, my church decided to give up Styrofoam. We’re not perfect at it but any effort is better than none at all! So decide today what you can help your church, workplace, school, or other community do to better care for God’s Creation. And remember, every day you wake up on Earth is Earth day!

Rev. Corey Turnpenny, pastor of Church in the Wild
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