Faith in the Here and Now

Sometimes spirituality can feel too transcendent - too removed from our everyday life. That’s why I like expressions of spirituality that ground us in the here and now.

My moleskin journal, Everyday Sanctuary’s app and music are often my daily reminder to connect my spirit to something bigger than me. I know other people who bask in the outdoors, ground themselves in silence, serve others in need, lead charitably and serve as caregivers. I need these IRL experiences to make my faith real and present.

How do you tangibly encounter your faith daily?
What physical acts or reminders support your spirit?

The Challenge

One the people who inspires me to stir up Holy Mischief is Shannon Karafanda, who challenges people weekly to make kindness the norm and love our default. I love her challenge to blanket a co-workers door with affirmation (reminds me of locker birthdays in high school). This is a super outward expression of encouragement and care.

Looking for daily faith?

Everyday Sanctuary helps busy people have a satisfying faith practice in just 5 minutes; 5 minutes to feel grounded, refreshed, and spiritually connected to God. 

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Many Blessings,
Pastor Abigail
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