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You’ve tried it right? ⨁ 5 minutes of Sanctuary
It’s people like you who make it possible for us to continue creating set-aside space to breathe, center and find Spirit. Everyday Sanctuary is a satisfying spiritual practice in 5 minutes or less, everywhere you are. We created the Everyday Sanctuary app so there's no distractions...(or at least no ads.) No feeds, follows, scrolling just Presence.

Join the Journey | Our patrons make Everyday Sanctuary possible. Everyday Sanctuary exists to be a free daily 5 minute mobile app-based spiritual practice focused on the spiritually curious. As of today over 1,500 people have connected to Everyday Sanctuary and our goal is for 5,000 people to breath deep and connect anew with God in 2021.
Top 3 Reasons to become a Patron:
1.  You felt something through a simple daily reminder or deep breath prayer through Everyday Sanctuary.
2.  There’s no alternative seeker-celebrating 5 mins a day spirituality for busy people.
3.  Your gift of $3.65 to $365 supports 365 days of personal practices available worldwide through the Everyday Sanctuary App.

Our goal is to fund 2022 and continue. Patreon is a specific way for App-enjoyers to Give Back. Your support is what makes it possible for Everyday Sanctuary to continue in ministry and reach new people. Go to Patreon to learn more about supporting Everyday Sanctuary

Many Thanks!
Pastor Abigail, creator of Everyday Sanctuary




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