Everyday Sanctuary Podcast: Simple Faith for the Spiritual Seeker

Sometimes there’s nothing better than popping in your headphones, pressing play and going somewhere else. Life can be noisy; having a sanctuary where you can escape, even for just 5 minutes, helps.

Everyday Sanctuary was created to help busy people find a satisfying faith practice. The free Everyday Sanctuary mobile app offers a daily written Practice, but there are times when hearing the guided meditation - saturates your soul. 

Each of us experiences the sacred in a different way, so we’re turning the audio on and bringing the Everyday Sanctuary practice to a brand new podcast where you can take 5 minutes to breathe deep and seek. Each 5-minute podcast includes focus words for your day, 2 minutes of deep breathing, gratitude, and presence.

Now you can listen to guided meditations for your spirit from Everyday Sanctuary focused on healing, anxiety, and sleep. Episodes like Slow Down, Quiet Fear, and Open Up can be found at www.everydaysanctuary.com.

Everyday Sanctuary practices offer you simple faith practices instead of busy spirituality so you can cut through life’s clutter and strengthen your spiritual connection. Whether you’re having your first cup of coffee, grabbing a few minutes for personal sanity on a lunch break, walking your dog, or unwinding before bed, you can practice spirituality wherever you are.

Everyday Spirituality: Breathe Deep and Seek

There are podcasts I listen to (my favorite place is in the bathtub) whose voices feel so familiar they calm me. They are like old friends who drop by to have a great conversation.

I hope this podcast can become a constant for your life. Something you can go back to. Something to help you breathe deep and seek. Something to remind you that wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you’re not alone.

Everyday Spirituality for Real Life

The Everyday Sanctuary podcast features the themes of healing, anxiety, and sleep. Honestly, who couldn’t use some healing, anxiety relief, or more sleep (or all 3) in 2022? 

Everyday Sanctuary offers more than a temporary respite from everyday life. I hope this podcast equips you to breathe deep and seek throughout your day, especially in those moments when you need it most.

A Spiritual Podcast for Your Sacred Journey

The Everyday Sanctuary Podcast is handcrafted by the free Everyday Sanctuary mobile app, a satisfying spiritual practice in 5 minutes or less, everywhere you are.

The Everyday Sanctuary Podcast is listener-supported at
We appreciate your support by subscribing and listening to the podcast: https://everydaysanctuary.com/podcast

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